VCB Classic rupay debit card

VCB Classic rupay debit card

Dear Customer,

Welcome!! to the world of convenience offered by VCB RUPAY Classic Debit card.

Visakhapatnam Co-op. Bank, the biggest Multi- state co-op. bank in South India with a glorious history of 108 years in co-op. banking arena, is in the service of common man since inception. Rising along the new age technological advancement, VCB introduced RUPAY Classic Debit card that enable its’ customers to have a hassle free banking and shopping at a point of sale. The Card can be used to transact from anywhere in India at the Automated Teller Machines under NFS Network and at Merchant Establishments displaying the RUPAY Logo.

Withdrawal of Cash

Withdrawal of cash up to a maximum limit of Rs. 30000/- per day will be allowed through this Debit card. However, maximum limit per each swipe transaction is Rs.10000/- either at Bank own ATM or at other tie-up bank ATMS.

Use at Pos Terminals for purchase of Goods/Services from Merchant Establishments

VCB RUPAY Debit card is acceptable at Merchant Establishments displaying the RUPAY Logo for making payment through your debit card .The limit on purchase through the card will be Rs.35000/- per day subject to clear balance in your account.

Use for On –Line e- commerce Transactions

VCB RUPAY Debit card can be used for making purchase transactions through on-line. However, Cardholder needs to communicate his CVV number for all e- commerce transactions.

Cash Withdrawal

Withdrawal of cash up to a maximum limit of Rs. 30000/- per day will be allowed through ATMs

Balance Enquiry

The balance enquiring in the card account (both primary and secondary accounts) is available.

Mini Statement

Customer can obtain a Mini statement containing last 10 transactions

PIN Change

Customer can change his PIN number by utilizing this option. The Card holders, in their best interest, are advised to change the PIN at regular intervals.

Front of the Card
  • Card Number: This is your 16-digit card Number, which need to be quoted for all your future reference/correspondence done with the bank.
  • Card holder name: Only the card holder on whose name the card was issued is authorized to use the card. Please check whether your name has been correctly printed on the debit card. In case of discrepancy, please inform your branch at the earliest.
  • Card Expiry date: This is the date till then your card is valid from the date of issue.
  • Rupay Logo: VCB Rupay debit card is acceptable in India at ATMs and Merchant Establishments displaying the Rupay Logo.
  • EMV chip: Important information pertaining to VCB Rupay Debit card is encoded here. Please protect the EMV chip from getting damaged.

Back of the Card:

  • Signature panel: This is the space meant for your signature. Please sign on the signature panel immediately on receipt of your card with a non-erasable ballpoint pen. Your signature on your card should match your signature on the charge- slip during purchase at a Merchant Establishment.
  • CVV: An added security feature for CNP (Card not present) transactions. This is a 3-digit number present at the end of the signature panel on the back side of the card. Cardholder needs to communicate this number for all e- commerce transactions. For security reasons, erase/blacken the CVV number after remembering the same to avoid the misuse.

General security Measures to be followed

  • Sign your card on the signature panel at the back of the card as soon as you receive it. Take care not to bend or scratch the card
  • Take note of your card number and Bank’s card division numbers for reporting your debit cards lost or stolen and keep the numbers at home, in your purse or wallet and at your office so that you will be prepared to call immediately, if required.
  • Never lend your card to anyone or leave behind as security deposit
  • Never give your card details to strangers or telemarketers who call you on phone. Please note that Co-operative bank employees will never call you asking for card details.
  • Change your PIN regularly.
  • Keep your PIN secret. Do not share it with anybody
  • Under any circumstances, avoid taking help from strangers at an ATM
  • Blocking of Card: In case of lost/stolen card, you can get your card blocked immediately by reporting to Card division.
    • The bank’s Card division, upon receipt of intimation and after adequate verification of the caller identity, will temporarily block usage of the Card. On receipt of written request from you through the card issuing branch, the card will be cancelled immediately.
    • Bank sends SMS alerts for transactions on your registered mobile number
  • Should you have any complaints regarding transaction through the card, please inform your card issuing branch in writing at the earliest from the date of transaction(Maximum 30 days)

VCB Rupay Debit Card tariff structure

S.NO Particulars Charges
1 Joining/Annual fee *Rs.150/- (Free for the first year. From 2nd year onwards)
2 Additional card Rs.150/-
3 Card replacement fee(other than due to manufacturing defect/theft) Rs.150/-
4 Regeneration of PIN Rs.50/-
5 ATM Transactions
B)At Other Bank ATMs
i) First 5 transactions are free(Financial& Non- financial combined).There after
Per transaction limit on ATMs is Rs.10000/- at present as per extant rules, subject to overall daily cash withdrawal limit of Rs.30000/-
Rs.21/-per transaction
6 Service charges at petrol pumps 2.5%of transaction value with minimum charge of Rs.10/-
  *Card holder should maintain minimum balance of Rs. 1000/- in saving Bank accounts and Rs.5000/- in Current Accounts.
Note: The charges quoted are exclusive of service tax. The charges mentioned herein are those prevailing at the time of printing this booklet.
Please refer our web site for the latest list of charges

Liability of the Card holder:

  • The card holder shall be responsible for all transactions effected by the use of Debit Card whether authorized by the card holder or not and indemnifies the bank for all the losses or damages caused by and any unauthorized use of Debit card or related PIN/Password
  • In case of joint account holders, all account holders regardless of whether they have been issued a single Debit card or a separate Debit Card will be jointly and severally liable for all the transactions effected by any of the Debit cards issued to any of them
  • All records of the Bank, whether in electronic form , tape recorded or documentary form, with respect to instructions received by the use of Debit card facility, shall be conclusive evidence of such instructions and be binding on the card holder. Without prejudice to the foregoing, the Bank shall be under no liability whatsoever to the applicant in respect of any loss or damage arising, directly or indirectly out of
  • The refusal of any person to honour or accept a card
  • Any mis-statement, mis-representation, error or omission in any details disclosed by the Bank
  • Decline of transaction due to any reason

Change of Terms and conditions:

The Bank has the absolute discretion to amend or supplement any of the terms and conditions, at any time and will endeavour to give prior notice whenever feasible. The latest terms and conditions shall be binding on the card holder